We have summarized all the common questions asked before and after making the order. You can easily find the answer here before we can reply to your email queires.


  • Choose your card, Whatsapp/Email with the quantity required.
  • Confirm the estimate, make the payment and share the text.
  • Receive digital proof via email in 2 days
  • In case of edits, receive revised proof via email in 1-2 days
  • Once the proof is confirmed, printing time is 10-12 days
  • Delivery/Shipping time : 4-6 days
Note: We courier Globally via FedEx/DHL Express with tracking.

Yes, we can send the sample for free if its ready with us. To check for the courier cost and availability, send an enquiry email or drop a offline message. 

Yes, you can send your order over email or WhatsApp. Mention Design number and quantity you need. Attach the wordings file you wish to print.

No, all the proofing is only done once the order has been made. If you are hesitant about design or layout, you can make a small advance deposit then we can create and send the proofs. For more information, please send and email.

We have specified a minimum quantity that can be ordered per design. If you are unable to order any design in the required quantity, reach out to us. Mention card code and quantity you would like to order and we will help you complete the order over email or give precise information on quantity available.

Try searching through ‘Search’ button available on the top of the website. Put right code in search box.
If card details are not displayed, the card might have been removed from the website either temporarily or permanently. E-mail us and check if we can get the card done for you. It is important to mention code number and quantity required by you so that they can check with production team and get back to you.

Orders are dispatched within 15-20 days from the date of approval of the proofs or unless specified by our sales team. If you need cards urgently, mention it on email and a sales team member will help expedite your order process at additional rush order cost. Delivery / Shipping time is around 4 days.

Yes Blank card can be ordered or any add on item.

Yes, we can increase the quantity before sending the cards in printing or despatch. But to decrease the quantity, we need to check and then confirm if it is possible.

Card size change is ususally not possible. Please send an email and production team will revert back with possibility of doing it or not.

The minimum order quantity is 100 cards. Some Designs can also be bought in quantity as low as 25 cards and than in multiples of 25 but than an extra charge is applicable. Email us to check for quantites less than 100.

When you send your order, just put an email that you need the order to be delivered rush. A sales team member will take care of your order immediately. Generally orders for events/wedding with next 2-6weeks are automatically tread as urgent and on priority.

As for the charges, we generally try not to charge anything extra for RUSH orders, but if you need very committed and 100% guaranteed deliveries, than it is best to pay RUSH order fee and take a tight and exact delivery schedule. Rush order fee may vary with card code, quantity and can range anywhere between 75US$ to 200US$. RUSH order dispatch time can vary between 1 to 4 days.

Card size change is ususally not possible. Please send an email and production team will revert back with possibility of doing it or not.

When checking out, you are transferred to a secured payment site to submit your credit card information. The credit card info is submitted on 128bit SSL, which is highest level of security on the Internet. Payments are processed either through payment gateway of leading banks or payment service providers.


Send text in email in after you place the order. Try sending the final version of text in a simple word file. We will be designing the layout based on the text you send us.

After receiving the text we generally email back you the proofs within 48 hours. We provide you with jpeg format proofs in card size. You can then suggest changes and alterations as required and we will re-do the proofs until it is approved. Once you approve and the order is all paid, we will begin printing process.

We normally use single colour silk screen printing to print on cards, envelope and inserts.

In case Raised Letter printing is required, please mention before ordering so that we can send the quote for it.

We do Hot Foil Printing in Silver and Gold too. 

Full colour printing can be done on digital press.

Yes we do print in all languages. All you need to send us a pdf for the other language text. If you wish to send us ms word file in different language, we request you to put the fonts also on email. A digital proof is shown to make sure we have received your file correctly. So whether it’s Hebrew, Japanese or Romanian or Arabic, we do printing in all languages.

All the more, we can type in Tamil and Hindi. Typing from handwritten text (text handwritten in the language as needed) will cost 10US$ per page. Proof reading is your responsibility. We can provide you with fonts for various languages as needed.

Yes, many people do this way, when they need to put one invitation in native language and other in spoken language. This is fine and with little extra cost to print 2 different languages on same card.

Yes this is fine. If both have chosen a different card or have same card but different text, separate masters and proofing has to be done. So minimum sertup cost is charged.

Sometimes, bride and groom do one card but 2 inserts with each having one side invitation, in that case the printing is counted for one order only and any extra charges are paid accordingly.

Yes you can print Initials or logo on the card. Should you wish to send your own logo, it is preferred you send Black and white 300DPI (or high resolution) pdf or jpeg file.

Yes, you can use the invitations, for any occasion. We infact promote, using invitations for different occasion other than wedding. Wordings can correspond to the event.


We ship via reputed courier companies such as FEDEX / DHL Internationally. You will receive the airway bill number as well, which you can use to track your shipment.

For USA, there is no other extra cost other than charges you have paid. But there, might be some charges sometimes, and they are payable by receiver.

In Canada, GST and PST is applicable

In Europe there is VAT applicable on all imports above the value of 50US$.

Different countries have different duty structures, taxes applicable on imports, which we cannot specify or quantify.

All such charges are to be paid by the receiver. The courier company automatically bills this amount and we don’t have any jurisdiction on this.

All these additional charges are calculated on the invoice value when we send the products. This is billed directly by the courier company to the buyer and has to be paid to the courier company before delivery. For further details please email us.

Once the shipment goes out, we send an email with the airway bill number and website to track the shipments. You can go the website and keep a track on your shipment.

Strictly No Return & Refunds policy.

Most of card materials and processes are hand-work and may have some variation. This should not be treated as defective.

Add-on Items

Yes, we try and match the add ons to the main invitation both in terms of paper and design. We are happy to make various things as needed in matching to the main invitation you choose to order.
In digital proofs we show what paper and color is used to make add on items. Should you have any doubts or clarifications, please check immediately with proofing department.

Self-seal is a peel off sealing applied to the envelopes. It is done using double sided tape which needs to be peeled off to seal the envelope. It is totally dry and ones do not need to wet the glue portion. Just peel and stick.

RSVP envelope come pre-self seal using double side tape.
We do peel off self sealing for Main Invite envelops at additional cost.
FREE Round seals (Gold or Silver) with every bulk order to close the main invitation envelopes.

Yes, there is option to buy additional insert. We try and make them in matching with the card or to another insert as already in the card. Should you need diminishing size inserts, mention to the sales department at the time of ordering or to proofing department when proofs are being done.

Yes, programs are made closer to the wedding date. Sending out invitations is the main priority and the programs are needed only on the wedding date, so they can be done later. It is suggested to do them atleast 4 weeks before the wedding date, to avoid any last minute rush and delays.

This has now been banned locally to protect the environment, so PVC sleeve are not possible anymore.