Buying guide for Indian Wedding Invitations from India

As the world gets smaller and the distance is not so far, ordering invitations for wedding get easier from your own motherland INDIA. The designs and style and the graphic work which is only found in India is done on our range of Indian Wedding Cards. The easiest way to find a good designer invitations supplier from India is to search for “” on your phone and there you are. The website offers a wide variety of all types and all religion wedding invitations. Like, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian Wedding Invitations.

How to find if the supplier reliable?

The best way to overcome all your doubts is just google the company name for their reviews, and you can easily judge on how a wedding invitation company in India is working. Investigate for how long they have been working? What payment methods do they use? How is the delivery time? Which shipping company do they use?

As our website name itself is one can feel safe that they have to the right place in search for wedding invitations. We have a got a huge design team, who work endlessly throughout the year to come up with new designs very often. The designs are always unique and gives a sense of freshness as soon it is put online on our e-commerce website store for sale. The demand generated gives the faith that we are on a right track and we are creating stunning designer Indian wedding card.

What are the basic colours in Indian Wedding Invitations?

Indian people and culture is always known for its colorfulness and vibrancy. So as our collection of invitations has got good impact of rich colours and theme. Though we are adapting the international style and trends, we are focusing on pastel shades too. Findings and Sales trend show that many people like light and pastel colour pallet too. Basic colours in Indian Wedding includes, red, gold, ivory, etc.

Is the shipping affordable or expensive?

As we are shipping in bulk, we get better rates from shipping companies and we keep asking for better rates so that we can ensure our brothers and sisters who are living in abroad can easily get their invitations made and delivered safely on time.
I must say Shipping is very affordable, compared to the services and timely delivery of top courier companies with whom we work.

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