Seven Colours is a new generation, enthusiastic company that is headed by dynamic and young entrepreneur. We began our journey from the basics that include design primarily and gradually on having an extensive knowledge in printing, papers and crafts; we are now serving with quality services for Wedding Stationary Worldwide. We are housed with semi-automatic screen printing machine, screen preparation and exposing units, UV dryer, paper die-cutting machine, paper cutting machines, binding machines, etc. Our factory is spanned over 10,000 sq.ft. in the industrial heart of Jaipur.

With a never ending passion for crafts and design, we are very focused towards our goals. We firmly believe that buying a name isn’t sufficient, rather maintaining it over a period of years and developing a legacy is what it all matters.

For the domestic markets, we mainly make wedding cards that are exclusive and that require to be different from others available. We give enough time to design and develop cards based upon customer’s requirements.

Business Head

A M.Com and International Business & Marketing Expert


A B.Eng and Printing & Paper Expert